Crias coming soon!

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Today I saw a cria kicking (in utero). Hannah’s Julie, one of our best females, is due in mid-May and her baby was kicking up a storm this afternoon. We always see a lot of “action’ with Julie’s crias. This is the first I’ve seen this year and reminds me to get my “cria kit” out to the barn so I’m ready for births.

Spring Gardening

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I started planting our vegetable garden today.  We still have a few snowbanks here and there, but our raised bed have dried out nicely. I cleaned up a few weeds, raked and planted the first five raised beds. I sowed seeds for lettuce, spinach, chard, collards, kale, carrots, beets, sugarsnap peas and dill.  It might not look like much now, but before you know it we’ll be harvesting baby greens! In the front yard, the first sign of spring is a bunch of snowdrops … Read More

North American Alpaca Show

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We’re back from our first alpaca show of the season.  Our alpacas did well.  Falcon, our brown male, took 5th in a class of 13.  That’s about what I expected of him.  Esther Rose took a 2nd in her class; she has done well in past shows, also.  Aristides ended up with a 3rd in his large class.  That in itself is quite a feat for a young white male at this very competitive show.  But the judge made it … Read More

Spring Pasture

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Our pastures are still partly snow-covered and pretty wet.  Normally, we would let the pastures dry out fairly well before putting the alpacas out on a regular basis.  But today was such a beautiful day, that I let the girls out into their pastures for a few hours.  They loved it and the younger ones were running and pronking.  Rain is forecast for tomorrow, so they won’t see the big pastures again for a while.

March Madness

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The only thing predictable about our weather in March is that we’re sure to see a little bit of everything before the month is over.  We’re grateful for the beautiful, sunny days we’ve had, but today was more like what we’re used to in spring – 40’s and raining.  And the forecast is for a rain/snow mix through Monday night.  Yuck! We’re getting ready for our first show of the season and we’re trying to keep our show string clean … Read More


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What a great day!  Warm and sunny.  The first snowdrops are poking through the mulch around the big maple tree in the front yard.  Rhubarb is poking up from an open spot in the garden. Most of our yard and fields are still covered with snow, but it’s melting fast. And so far, mud season has been mild to nonexistent, at least in the road.  The paddocks and pastures are getting muddy as the snow melts. Our first alpaca show … Read More

Starting Over

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Well, I decided to move my blog to a different address and managed to lose my earlier posts in the process.  Oh well…. nothing to lose sleep over. We have a new dog in the house. Cutler is a 3 year old male corgi.  What a hoot!  He’s a little overweight and, wow, does he like his food.  Zeus, our German Shepherd Dog, quickly learned to eat everything in his bowl as soon as it’s put out or Cutler will … Read More

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