Reserve Champion White Male Alpaca

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Here’s a photo of Aristides at the North East Alpaca Show. In my last post about this, I messed up his sire’s name.  It’s TNT Peruvian Hit Man.  Hit Man’s owners say Ari looks just like his dad.


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We’ve been blessed with some really beautiful weather this spring.  The last couple days have been lovely – 60’s and dry, clear blue skies and enough wind to keep the black flies down. The apples and lilacs are in full bloom and the air smells wonderful. It was a frosty 24 here this morning. We had plenty of warning and I brought all my seedlings in last night.  Today is another beauty, but that will end when a new system … Read More

Frosty Morning

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This morning was a good reminder that it’s still spring here in northern Vermont.  The temp was a frosty 25 when I checked at 5 am!  We worry about early morning crias on days like this.  But there were no babies when Ron did the early morning barn check on his way out to shear at another farm. We’re waiting on a couple of girls who are due mid-May or so.  They’re gestation varies a bit, so we do a lot of … Read More

Spring storm

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Wow – we just had our first thunderstorm of the season late this afternoon.  I was stuck out in the girls’ barn.  Torrential rain, wind, lightening.  Now,  just before it goes down,  the sun decided to peak out a bit and we have a beautiful rainbow – a double rainbow.

North East Alpaca Show

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Our young white male alpaca, Aristides, won a blue ribbon and Reserve Champion at the North East Alpaca Show in Syracuse this weekend. David and Kathleen VanGelder from Cedar Brook Alpacas took Ari to the show for us.  Ron is busy with shearing this time of year. Many thanks to the VanGelders for giving us the opportunity to show Ari.  Keep your eyes on this boy – he’s a winner! Aristides is the offspring of our female, Hannah’s Julie, and … Read More

Alpaca Shearing in the News

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A news crew from News 7 at Lyndon State College was here today for shearing. You can check out the broadcast at: Just look for today’s date in the archives.  You’ll have to wait through the news and weather.  The students do a great job and are very professional!

Alpaca Shearing

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We did a full day of shearing today and will do the same tomorrow.  Except for one alpaca that is going to a show next weekend, that should finish up our shearing. We’ve had some exceptionally warm weather for April, so the shorn alpacas are pretty comfortable. Of course, that will change when the temps drop down into the 20’s tomorrow night!  Oh well…a cold snap is a lot less dangerous for their health than a hot spell. Many thanks to our … Read More

Spring song

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I hear the phoebe singing this morning.  Now that’s a sure sign for us that spring is really here!

Alpaca Shearing

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We sheared five of our “big boys” yesterday.  They were warm when we sheared them, but the temps dropped last night and they were shivering this morning.  That’s the way it always goes.  It’s OK; we worry about them being too hot, but not about them being a bit chilly. They were warmed up by afternoon. We’ll shear the rest of the herd next week.

Crias coming soon!

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Today I saw a cria kicking (in utero). Hannah’s Julie, one of our best females, is due in mid-May and her baby was kicking up a storm this afternoon. We always see a lot of “action’ with Julie’s crias. This is the first I’ve seen this year and reminds me to get my “cria kit” out to the barn so I’m ready for births.

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