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‘Tis the Season

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No, not that season – not yet!!  But it’s always one season or another around here. For example:

It’s hay season!  This time of year we are “on call” for hay. We don’t grow our own hay; we buy second cut hay from several local hay producers. It’s necessary to have a stretch of dry weather in order to harvest and bale hay, so this time of year, whenever we have a window of “good drying weather”, as the forecasters say around here, we know to expect a call. And when it comes, we drop everything to pick up our hay either in the field or off the wagon.

It’s fair season!  Vermont has a series of county and other local fairs through the summer and fall months. Our local agricultural fair, Caledonia County Fair, starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday. We set up our pen today and will bring a couple alpacas up there tomorrow. Other alpaca farms will help out over the course of the fair and we will be back there with alpacas on Sunday.

alpaca cria from snowshoe farmIt’s cria season! And we had one born this morning!  One of our very favorite foundation females, Cinnamon Girl, had a fawn boy sired by Alberta Clipper this morning. A full moon baby!  It was a textbook birth and the baby was up and nursing within the hour. Perfect – no drama.

We have one more cria due this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for another easy birth and healthy baby.