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Snowshoe Farm is offering free shipping on all products from our online yarn shop through December 31. Use coupon code SHIPFREE. lists alpaca yarn, roving and felting fiber as well as dyes, needles & hooks and free patterns. All alpaca fiber used in our products is grown on our Vermont farm. We do our own shearing every spring, then carefully skirt and grade each fleece. We send only the very best quality fiber to Sallie’s Fen Fiber Mill to be spun into … Read More

Alpaca Shearing 2016

Done! This is our last victim…er, alpaca…of the day and we are finished shearing our herd.  Snowshoe Allegro, co-owned with Spirit Wind Farm, has the most lustrous fleece I’ve ever seen. I wish I had been able to get a better photo. I’ll give it another try when I skirt his fleece. We are very pleased with the fleeces from last year’s crias and can’t wait to see how they grow back over the summer. Shearing went very well due … Read More

Customer Support

Snowshoe Farm is an alpaca breeding business. As such when we sell alpacas, we offer service and support to our customers both before and after the sale. We see the alpacas produced from our breeding program as our responsibility long after they’ve left our farm. We do not breed unless we feel we have the room and the budget to keep any offspring resulting from the breedings. And we make every effort to sell our alpacas to what we feel … Read More

Shearing alpacas – the next step…

Now that we’ve finished our spring shearing, we’re faced with piles of fleeces waiting for the next step.  This is just a portion of the fiber that will be sorted, skirted and sent off to various destinations: fleece shows, yarn mill, felting fiber, etc. The first thing we’ll do is pick out a few fleeces for the AOA National Fleece Show which is coming up next month. We’ll also keep in mind the fall shows and hold out from processing … Read More

Alpaca Shearing 2014

Done!  Shearing is THE big spring chore at Snowshoe Farm and it feels so good to have finished. We shear early – usually the end of April – and, being spring in the NEK, the weather rarely cooperates. Generally, the alpacas have to endure a period of chilly temps before warmer spring weather arrives and stays for more than a day or two. We’ve done our shearing during snowstorm on more than one occasion. Yes, our alpacas will probably be … Read More


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Winter is finally loosening its grip on the Northeast Kingdom.  The last remnants of the white stuff – those shaded locations where snow slid off the barn roof –  are melting quickly. Apparently, the alpacas like their spring snow piles; these boys could not get enough of this yesterday! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for no additional snow. Shearing at Snowshoe Farm starts next Sunday and we’ve experience more than one snow storm while shearing. Not this year – please!

Cria Shearing

I’d venture to say that most alpaca breeders don’t shear their crias until the spring following the crias’ births.  But those cria fleeces become messy very quickly as their fine, velcro-like tips attract hay and other debris. We’ve learned that we can get much cleaner and more valuable fleeces in the spring if we shear our crias soon after birth. And the bonus is that the crias are more comfortable during the summer. We sheared our first five 2013 babies … Read More

Alpaca Shearing 2013

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It’s over! And with the help of very good friends, shearing not only was not painful, it was actually fun!  Many, many thanks to Larry from Twilight Ridge Farm, Jane from Berry Hill Alpacas and, last but not least, Kathy and Tracey from Foggy Bottom Ranch who went above and beyond to help us. For the first time in a number of years, the weather also cooperated and gifted us with warm, dry days that were such a blessing. We … Read More

Treatment for Alpaca Skin Conditions

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Most of us who have owned alpacas for any length of time have experience treating skin conditions. Diagnosing skin conditions has been difficult and there are a number of theories out there about the cause – or causes – of skin conditions. The symptoms we generally see are hair loss and toughened or crusty skin, especially on the areas of the alpaca’s body that are not covered with fiber (muzzle, belly, lower legs, etc). Some have suggested a zinc deficiency … Read More

Making Progress

Adding value to the fiber produced by our alpacas is an important part of our farm business. But finding time to sort through all the fiber during the busy spring through fall months is difficult. This year, our project (one of many!) has been to weatherize my fiber room in the barn. Insulation, new windows and door are just about done. Ron will finish putting new boards up on the walls and hang a few lights and the space will … Read More

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