Introducing Snowshoe Ammonoosuc!

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We knew we had another winner when this male was born three years ago. Snowshoe Ammonoosuc is growing up to be the spitting image of his big brothers, Snowshoe Aristides and Snowshoe Astraios. Both brothers are champions sporting beautiful fiber with lasting fineness. Now, at almost three years old, Ammonoosuc will take center stage in our breeding program. Check our Open Herd listing to read more about Ammonoosuc. To put the spotlight on Ammoonoosuc, we are offering a limited number of … Read More

Snowshoe Aristides is Moving!

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Congratulations and thank you to Lynn Edens of Little Creek Farm, the new owner of Snowshoe Aristides! We are proud to announce that our multi-champion herdsire, Snowshoe Aristides, will join the breeding herd at Little Creek Farm in North Salem, NY. Little Creek Farm, home of Accoyo America East, features elite huayaca alpacas with fine, uniform fleeces.  Aristides, at 7 years of age, still boasts a fine and crimpy fleece with a long staple. We’re thrilled that Aristides will be … Read More

Champion Herdsire for Sale!

You heard it here first!  We are offering our multi-champion herdsire, Snowshoe Aristides, for sale at the Showtacular Pen Sale in Syracuse, NY on Oct 23-25. We are so proud of Aristides. At seven years of age, his presence, his fiber and his temperament are still as impressive as ever. This is a male who is doing an excellent job of improving upon the females to whom he is bred. So much so that the majority of our foundation females … Read More

End of Summer

It’s difficult to believe that autumn begins in a couple days!  The summer has flown by and the weather in recent weeks has been so warm that it has not prompted thoughts of fall. This morning, however, we woke to a temp of 34, a brisk reminder that the season is changing – and fast! The light is different and the trees are turning color. And at Snowshoe Farm we are busy dyeing yarn and preparing for fall fiber festivals.  This … Read More

Summer sale on proven female alpacas

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It’s the time of year when we finalize our breeding decisions for the season, assess the quality of crias on the ground and otherwise take stock of our herd and our breeding program. Like many long-time breeders (we’ve been doing this since 1999), we have a number of related alpacas. Females that were once the foundation of our breeding program have given us female offspring. Our herdsires have given us female offspring. We do not have room for all the … Read More

Baby Alpacas!

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We’re in the midst of birthing season here at Snowshoe Farm. Now we get to see the results of the pairings we selected last year and that is one of the most rewarding parts of breeding. We have a few first time moms this year and there’s always a concern about that. To be honest, we have never had a problem with a new mother.  We’ve had a few crias through the years who were slow to catch on to … Read More

Customer Support

Snowshoe Farm is an alpaca breeding business. As such when we sell alpacas, we offer service and support to our customers both before and after the sale. We see the alpacas produced from our breeding program as our responsibility long after they’ve left our farm. We do not breed unless we feel we have the room and the budget to keep any offspring resulting from the breedings. And we make every effort to sell our alpacas to what we feel … Read More

Shearing alpacas – the next step…

Now that we’ve finished our spring shearing, we’re faced with piles of fleeces waiting for the next step.  This is just a portion of the fiber that will be sorted, skirted and sent off to various destinations: fleece shows, yarn mill, felting fiber, etc. The first thing we’ll do is pick out a few fleeces for the AOA National Fleece Show which is coming up next month. We’ll also keep in mind the fall shows and hold out from processing … Read More

Welcome, Spring!

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In winter, we put hay out on the ground to get the alpacas out of the barn, walking around and (if we’re lucky) out in the sun.  Come spring, one of the chores we have is raking up the old hay from the winter. Well, the weather has turned (finally!), the pastures have dried out and the annual raking of old hay has begun. So now that the alpacas have access to fresh green pasture, what do they want??  They … Read More

Headed to MAPACA

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Next weekend is our second and last alpaca show of the spring, the MAPACA Jubilee. We will be showing the same three males who went to the North American Alpaca Show earlier this month: Snowshoe Ammonoosuc who took fourth in his class (which was won by the color champion), Rasalas who took sixth in his class and FBR Zeke who came in second in his class. The competition at North American, as usual, was tough, but MAPACA is a bigger show … Read More

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