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Shearing alpacas – the next step…

alpaca fleeces waiting for skirtingNow that we’ve finished our spring shearing, we’re faced with piles of fleeces waiting for the next step.  This is just a portion of the fiber that will be sorted, skirted and sent off to various destinations: fleece shows, yarn mill, felting fiber, etc.

The first thing we’ll do is pick out a few fleeces for the AOA National Fleece Show which is coming up next month. We’ll also keep in mind the fall shows and hold out from processing any fleeces we’ll want to show later in the year.

Next, we’ll skirt our best fleeces and get those off to the mill for processing into yarn…maybe some roving. We have a few customers waiting for handspinning fiber, so we’ll send them samples of some of our finer and cleaner fleeces.

Sounds easy, but it’s a time-consuming process, so the sooner we start, the sooner we’ll see batches of new yarn coming back from the mill.

In the meantime, our online farm store has a great selection of alpaca yarn and more. Check it out!