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Snowshoe Allegro

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We’ve held out on offering Snowshoe Allegro for sale. We adore his personality. He’s very calm and loves to have his neck scratched. He definitely has his sire’s personality. His dam, Minuette, is a pretty calm alpaca also.  We’re convinced temperament is heritable!

And Allegro has gorgeous fiber. Fine and lustrous with a good staple length. But with his sire, El Dorado Prospector, standing stud here and his dam rebred to Prospector for a 2018 cria, we really don’t have room for Allegro’s genetics in our breeding program.

So we’re listing Allegro for sale, but are open to negotiating his price. Are you looking for a breeding male or a fiber or companion alpaca? His great personality would make him an ideal candidate for the latter.

Contact us if you are interested in Snowshoe Allegro.

alpaca fleece - Snowshoe AllegroSnowshoe Allegro, male alpaca for sale by Snowshoe Farm, Peacham, VT