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Dyeing Alpaca Fiber

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dyeing alpaca fiberI know most folks are gearing up for the “big game” today, but with no interest in football and no TV, that’s not happening here.  Instead, my afternoon is full of fiber (not unusual for me!). Today I’m dyeing fiber for felting.

Here at Snowshoe Farm, we use only our finest alpaca fiber for making the yarns we carry in our shop and online. But we try to make use of all the fiber we harvest from our herd. Not all alpaca fiber is created equal. Fiber from some parts of the body is coarser or has a shorter staple, and some alpacas are coarser, often due to age. We use the coarser fiber, what we call “thirds”, for felting.

My goal this winter is to stock up our inventory of dyed felting fiber and to begin offering dyed and picked “clouds” of felting fiber for sale. Contact us if you are interested in alpaca fiber for felting or check our online shop in a few weeks.