Spring! Time for fence maintenance

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Actually, it’s always time for fence maintenance, but our cold winters and deep frost wreak havoc on fences. Spring is the best time to walk your fence lines, before the grass starts to grow so you can clearly see what needs to be done. We use mainly 7-strand, high tensile fence here, which is a typical type of livestock fence. Wood posts and braces are placed at corners and gates and single posts are placed at wide intervals along the … Read More

Livestock Fencing

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Ron has had another busy season building livestock fencing for clients. This latest installation will serve to contain animals of various species and sizes, so it includes a tall no-climb fence with a hot wire along the top. The season for fence installation is quite short, since it doesn’t start until shearing season is over in late June.  If you have a need for new or improved fencing, please contact Ron to discuss your options.

Customer Support

Snowshoe Farm is an alpaca breeding business. As such when we sell alpacas, we offer service and support to our customers both before and after the sale. We see the alpacas produced from our breeding program as our responsibility long after they’ve left our farm. We do not breed unless we feel we have the room and the budget to keep any offspring resulting from the breedings. And we make every effort to sell our alpacas to what we feel … Read More

It’s always something…

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I’ve been watching this big poplar tree for the last few days since we’ve had some heavy rains and wind. Had it always been leaning this much and I’d not noticed?  Guess not. This morning the tree was down on the perimeter fence around our male alpacas’ pasture. But no harm done. The tree missed the corner posts and just landed on the wire. We use a 7 strand high tensile fence for our perimeter. One of the advantages of … Read More