Spring! Time for fence maintenance

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Actually, it’s always time for fence maintenance, but our cold winters and deep frost wreak havoc on fences. Spring is the best time to walk your fence lines, before the grass starts to grow so you can clearly see what needs to be done. We use mainly 7-strand, high tensile fence here, which is a typical type of livestock fence. Wood posts and braces are placed at corners and gates and single posts are placed at wide intervals along the … Read More

Customer Support

Snowshoe Farm is an alpaca breeding business. As such when we sell alpacas, we offer service and support to our customers both before and after the sale. We see the alpacas produced from our breeding program as our responsibility long after they’ve left our farm. We do not breed unless we feel we have the room and the budget to keep any offspring resulting from the breedings. And we make every effort to sell our alpacas to what we feel … Read More

Change of Season

The weather dictates much of the work we do here at Snowshoe Farm Alpacas. It’s been a very wintry spring in the NEK, as you can see by the picture below (that was taken today) of alpacas and the snow on our pastures! But today – almost mid-April – was warm and sunny. And more warm and sunny days are in the forecast. It’s finally time to start some of the chores that indicate winter is over and spring is … Read More

Weatherization on the Farm

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There’s always a project in the works on the farm. Our 2014 project involved partially closing in the ends of our barn overhangs to help cut down on wind and wind-driven precipitation. While our alpacas make great use of the overhang areas, including on most winter days, there are times when no one wants to be out there due to a cold wind or driving rain. And in winter, we often end up with snow piles on the ends. Our … Read More

Winter on the Farm

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Recent conversations with new and prospective alpaca owners prompted me to think about how we manage our farm during the winter months.  Things vary quite a bit seasonally on a farm and winter has its own challenges. Staying warm is challenge number one – not for the alpacas, but for us.  Long underwear is a basic necessity and good warm work gloves and barn boots are just as important. As long as they are able get in out of the … Read More

Fall Festival and Show Season

Fall is here and that means a very busy time on the farm! During the next month, most weekends bring either a fiber festival or an alpaca show. Weekdays are filled with getting ready for the next weekend’s event. That means dyeing yarn, skirting fleeces, chasing down all the odds and ends that go into setting up a vendor space at a fiber festival or a farm display at an alpaca show…and paperwork. Lately, I’ve been skirting fleeces for multiple … Read More


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July 20 and we’re putting the year’s first load of second cut hay in the hay mow!  This is a little early for us, but the weather in our area has cooperated this year and given farmers’ several stretches of good drying weather. Most managed to get first cut off their fields in plenty of time for second cut to regrow. Now we’re getting more good drying weather and a lot of second cut hay is down. It feels great … Read More

First Cria of 2014

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And she’s over a month early…. At 301 days gestation, she’s by far the earliest cria born at Snowshoe Farm. She’s small – only 11.4 lbs – but not frighteningly small. It took her about an hour to be able to hold herself sternal and about 4 hours before she managed to find her legs. But she had a strong sucking reflex from the moment she dropped and her dam cooperated nicely with letting us hold the cria up to … Read More

Celebrating 15 years!

2014 marks the 15th anniversary of the beginning of Snowshoe Farm Alpacas and a life more totally immersed in “all things alpaca” than we ever could have envisioned. It all started with our first alpaca, CT Tela, granddam to our multi-champion herdsire, Snowshoe Aristides. The purchase of our first alpaca was preceded by over a year of intense research. We began to focus our vision of our farm business and made a commitment to building a breeding program based on vigorous, … Read More

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