At Snowshoe Farm, we are dedicated to keeping all alpacas on our farm in good health.

With due diligence and a dose of good luck, we have been able to maintain a healthy and thriving herd for quite a few years. As we moved towards offering agistment and outside breedings, we became mindful of the potential to expose our alpacas to problems such as parasites and disease from visiting alpacas and took pains to minimize such exposure.

In order to protect the health of our herd and those alpacas coming onto our farm, we have instituted the following biosecurity measures for all alpacas coming to Snowshoe Farm:

  • All alpacas shall have a negative PCR test for BVDV.
  • All alpacas shall have a normal fecal test within 14 days of arrival.
  • All alpacas coming to our farm from other farms or from shows or other events will be housed in a quarantine area for at least 3 weeks.

Biosecurity Resources